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Are you an enthusiastic believer that life is a playground? Is your happy place a bolder, magical, more colorful world? Does the idea of living authentically & truly becoming a continually refreshing, genuine version of yourself make you feel beautifully alive? If you love the whimsical, the heartfelt, the creative, the vibrant, the longing, the darkness, the sunlight, the vivid joy, & all the other things that set you apart in your own fantastic way, & you want to surround yourself with media that reflects that, we think you’ve come to the right place.

We’re Freedom Meadow Media, a publishing company for books, music, films, & visual media. We were founded in 2016 by author & creative Ashlee Craft, who decided there was more out there trying to make her creativity fit someone else’s mold. We publish the beautiful, the bold, the authentic, & believe that media like this should be amplified & shared.

We’re Freedom Meadow Media, & we believe that what makes the media you want to consume & create is one of the things that makes you so darn awesome.


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