The Sun in the Night: The Poems of Art Poems & Assemblage

Sun in the Night by Ashlee Craft - Cover

by Ashlee Craft

Sun in the Night is a collection containing all the poems from the first three volumes of Art Poems & the first 13 issues of the zine Ashlee Craft / Assemblage. By compiling a book of the poems alone without the artwork which accompanies them in their original volumes, it allows the words to shine on their own. Sun in the Night contains 140 of Ashlee Craft’s poems.

Publish Date : July 13, 2017
Paperback 224 Pages
Genres : Poetry

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NEW: Spring (Four Seasons #3) by Ashlee Craft

Spring (Four Season, #3) by Ashlee Craftby Ashlee Craft

The air is filled with the sweet aroma of fresh flowers and the sound of new life. The snow is melting, leaving behind puddles of cool water and making way for the joys of spring. Everywhere you look, bright patches of flowers sway in the breeze, seemingly placed there by the paintbrush of an artist. Embrace the new beginning of spring with this collection of 17 poems.

Publish Date : March 9, 2012
Paperback 42 Pages
Genre : Poetry

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So Long, Lonesome Place by Ashlee Craft – New Release

So Long, Lonesome by Ashlee Craft Book Cover

by Ashlee Craft

So Long, Lonesome Place is a collection of 63 poems about leaving behind that which does not serve you, & the search for the place that you’ve been seeking.


it seems radical to me, all of this / & I’m so afraid I won’t be able to handle it (was any of it real anyways?) / but I do have to keep in mind, in all my moments of doubt & self-questioning, is how many countless others before me have done the same thing that I am doing now, & succeeded in doing so / how many others before me went off & forged their own pathways rather than following in the footsteps others had carved out before them & blindly listening to the instructions mumbled to them in poor faith / how many of them not only survived the falling out, but thrived because of it?

Publish Date : October 2, 2016
Paperback : 110 Pages
Genre : Poetry

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Album #1 – Fields of Destiny (Ashlee Craft) – New Release!

Fields of Destiny - 2016 CoverAvailable on iTunes
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Ashlee Craft’s debut album, Fields of Destiny, is the first album to be published by Freedom Meadow Media. Originally released January 23, 2014. In regards to the meaning of the title, Ashlee says, “A ‘Field of Destiny’ is very similar to my concept of a Freedom Meadow – basically, a happy, safe place, where you can feel & be entirely yourself.” The album spans guitar-driven folk songs (Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, Great Day [Reprise]), lushly orchestrated ballads like (I’m Going Out to Be Free), Blues Rock (You’ll Never Own Me), peppy pop-rock (Shooting Star, The Strength of Hope), & upbeat indie pop-folk-rock (I Know You Can Make It, Great Day). Ashlee wrote, produced, recorded, sang, & played all the instruments on every track on the album.

Duration: 40 minutes
Release Date: January 23, 2014

Track List

  1. Great Day
  2. Shooting Star
  3. The Strength of Hope
  4. You’ll Never Own Me
  5. I Tried in the Night
  6. I Know You Can Make It
  7. I’m Going Out to Be Free
  8. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
  9. Great Day (Reprise)

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Summer (Four Seasons, #4) by Ashlee Craft Now Available!

Summer (Four Seasons, #4) by Ashlee Craft

by Ashlee Craft

The sun shines down upon your face as you dance in the field of sunflowers. The smell of freshly mown grass fills the air and the flavor of watermelon lingers in your mouth. You run along the beach, picking up beautiful shells until night falls and you gaze up at the luminous moon and the twinkling stars. Experience the magic and freedom of summer with this collection of 23 poems.

Publish Date : June 12, 2012
Paperback : 46 Pages
Genre : Poetry

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Ashlee Craft / Assemblage, Issue 11 Now Available!

Ashlee Craft / Assemblage Issue 11 - Cover

Issue 11 of Ashlee Craft’s life-is-a-playground art & poetry zine, Ashlee Craft / Assemblage.


a conversation, like friends 4 / your words were the fall (& my response was the Safety) 5 / movie-making books 6 / friend 7 / again, again 8 / go to sleep 9 / earlier than last time 10 & 11 / it was vaguely raining 12 / in the beginning 13 / learn your monologue 14 / over & over 15 / this is my therapy (or at least it used to be) 16 / paper money 17 / this is ridiculous 18 / they really should be glad, that you’re there 19 / sunny jungle 20 / pissed off 21 / promise I will be free 22 / free to do anything 23 / DON’T MESS WITH ME 24 / crying, in caves 25 / maybe there is freedom in this 26 / rather replaceable 27 / your number of friends does not define you 28 / what I’m made of 29 / your job does not define you either 30 / fully intend on being there 31 / chocolate oatmeal 32 / purchase 33 / fruit color swatches one 34 / the lighting aisle 35 / video a week ago 36 / I freaking love this place 37 / look happier 38 / caffeine 39 / I deserve respect 40 / stickers blank page (or somewhat poetic ode) 41 / STICKERS! 42 / sometimes life doesn’t seem real 43 / more jazz : a few recommendations 44 / walk through a hallway of balloons 45 / extricate you from my life 46 / royalty 47 / be better than what they think you should be 48 / unapologetic 49 / my eyes are open 50 /

Publish Date : May 29, 2016
Paperback : 50 pages
Genre : Magazines

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Ashlee Craft / Assemblage, Issue 12 Now Available!

Issue 12 - Ashlee Craft / Assemblage - Zines

by Ashlee Craft

Issue 12 of Ashlee Craft’s life-is-a-playground art & poetry zine, Ashlee Craft / Assemblage.


good riddance to you too 4 / wake up (my eyes are open) 5 / neon erasers 6 / like a butterfly 7 / that actually is a good question 8 / impressing, okay? 9 / drawn into a corner 10 / Standard’s story 11 / coffee beans 12 / peace, love, & fortified cereal 13 / ironing is rebellion 14 / am I genuine? 15 / rewritten personality 16 / R-E-S-P-E-C-T 17 / maybe that will be my specialty! (looking back) 18 / being gentle 19 / questioning is always good 20 / fighting for my chair 21 / floors & sleep 22 / how many of them will leave? 23 / deal with all problems as they arrive 24 / I heart learning 25 / tip for organizing your to-do list 26 / dear W. 27 / finally real again? 28 / I never felt that way (I thought I was supposed to) 29 / bye-bye 30 / confused by how we think living is supposed to feel 31 / changed me for the better 32 / good job 33 / a loner – you will not perish without them 34 / don’t gain the world & lose your soul 35 / 19:09 36 / to do soon 37 / fun 38 / an analysis of my desired personality, two years ago 39 / today will be a perfect day 40 / mistakes are okay 41 / a dream about saving the day 42 / obsessed with the aesthetics of everything 43 / exercise wall 44 / to have that control again 45 / be the dawn 46 / felt like a badass in the morning 47 / this time I am the Phoenix 48 / rainbow boas 49

Publish Date : June 26, 2016
Paperback : 50 pages
Genre : Zines

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Owls (Wonderful Wildlife, #7) Now Available!

Owls (Wonderful Wildlife, #7) by Ashlee Craft

by Ashlee Craft

Kindle Edition

Owls are one of the most recognizable types of birds. They have brown feathers, large eyes, sharp beaks, talons (claws on their feet), and are known for making “hoot, hoot” sounds. Most owls are nocturnal, meaning that they are awake at night and asleep during the day, but some species of owls are awake during the day. In many cultures, owls symbolize learning and wisdom. August 4th is celebrated as Owl Appreciation Day. Learn all about owls in this educational book.

Publish Date : June 3, 2016
Paperback : 27 Pages
Genre : Juvenile Non-Fiction – Birds
Age Range : 7+

Shipwrecked – Second Edition Now Available!

Shipwrecked by Ashlee Craft - Cover

The imaginative 16-year-old Tami Franks is thrilled to finally be going on her dream adventure of a three-day boat trip. She read Treasure Island several years ago, and ever since then, she’s spent her time reading survival guides, climbing trees, and swimming in the neighborhood pool in preparation for the adventures she might go on one day. When her parents finally agree to let her go on a trip with their charter captain friend, she is expecting the adventure of a lifetime. Tami gets much more than she bargains for when the boat sinks in the middle of the night, killing the captain and leaving her stranded in the middle of the ocean. She manages to swim to a nearby but uncharted island, where she must put her survival skills to use in order to have a chance at seeing her family again and saving her own life. Unsure of when, or if, she will be rescued, she must use her imagination, courage, and belief in herself in order to triumph.

Second Edition
Publish Date : March 11, 2016
Paperback : 246 pages
Genre : YA Survival – Adventure

Kindle Edition