A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope – NEW BOOK

A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope by Ashlee Craftby Ashlee Craft

From the book –

opening lines

I took the leap & the Universe followed.
I made a decision & the Universe rose up to meet me.

The bold steps I took? Spending money to get my music out there,
to start selling the things I knew I should be selling,
the bold moves in which the Universe saw
that I was exactly what I needed
& my actions proved I was ready
for greater, better things to be bestowed upon me

the bold move towards the things I’d always wanted to have?
I asked him for the keys, tentative for fear of revoking
but he willingly handed me them without argument,
& even when it seemed as though nothing would work out with it,
& I was faced with the option of losing half –
love came through & I found the love was multiplied

I took the bright step, the bold leap towards the kind of
person I always wanted to be; I showed up, & that stood for
something – & when I reached my hand out to touch the largest
beam of sunlight, it did not burn me like I feared it would,
but rather, warmed me deeply from the inside out,

exactly what I needed

A Ship Onto a Sea of Hope contains 57 poems by Ashlee Craft.

Publish Date :: December 12, 2017
Paperback 90 Pages
Genre :: Poetry

The Walls Were Gray

The Walls Were Gray by Ashlee Craftby Ashlee Craft

From the book –


when you walked in the air was hot & heavy & smelled strongly of
lilies like the warm dark green crevice of a secret garden / you were
so afraid of the world & nowhere seemed a safe place / big & scary
with the expanse of war looming inside & out, conflict mingled with
the inner sadness that followed you everywhere / at least she
would not hug me today / I remembered the
hot summer mowing the yard by the fence
looking at the lake / hot & heavy /
the peculiar, beautiful feeling of the song, deeply hopeful longing
for the love I may one day find, strange beautiful slightly sad music
I embraced that summer / run fast / remember what it was like
growing up at the last house? / you stayed up until 2 am each night
watching videos & reading about your favorite people & bobbing your head to the music /
ruby tuesday, maybe she was right when she accused you of hating your life,
but not doing anything to make it stop being the same


The Walls Were Gray is a collection of 90 poems.

Published :: December 15, 2017
Paperback 104 Pages
Genre :: Poetry

FOG: A Zine – New Zine by Ashlee Craft :: New Releases

Fog: A Zine by Ashlee Craft

by Ashlee Craft

My camera lens fogged up one evening when I went to take a photograph of wild mushrooms that sprouted up in my yard. When I saw how the photo came out, I started taking pictures that night of a variety of things, just to see how they looked with a fogged lens. After the lens adjusted to the outdoor temperature, I breathed on it to keep it foggy & kept taking photographs. I was enthusiastically running back inside over the span of half an hour or so to gather more props, to do more experiments in how things looked in the fog. The fogginess made everything look fantastic & otherworldly & surreal & aesthetically marvelous.

The results of my photograph experiments are all contained in this book. There are four poems interspersed among the photos. The photos follow a progressive from the warm lightness of the beginning of sunset to the cool blue darkness of early twilight. The photos have not been altered in any way. How they came out is how they were taken.

The magic you see is real.

Publication Date :: October 30, 2017
Paperback 63 Pages
Genre :: Zines, Photography

The Sun in the Night: The Poems of Art Poems & Assemblage

Sun in the Night by Ashlee Craft - Cover

by Ashlee Craft

Sun in the Night is a collection containing all the poems from the first three volumes of Art Poems & the first 13 issues of the zine Ashlee Craft / Assemblage. By compiling a book of the poems alone without the artwork which accompanies them in their original volumes, it allows the words to shine on their own. Sun in the Night contains 140 of Ashlee Craft’s poems.

Publish Date : July 13, 2017
Paperback 224 Pages
Genres : Poetry

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NEW: Four Seasons – The Complete Series by Ashlee Craft

Four Seasons - The Complete Series by Ashlee CraftFour Seasons

the magic of fall & the falling of leaves

the changing of seasons & the changing of trees
cozy & beautiful autumn
with images of the seasons yet to come
dancing with the fall leaves & the cool air
the warmth surrounding you everywhere
thanksgiving cornucopias, trick-or-treat
before sitting down for a family feast

the first snowflake gently falling
warmth, magic, & joy of the season calling
hot cocoa & a blanket by the fireplace
winter decorations filling each space
holiday memories, walking thru the snows
believing in Santa, watching caroling shows
the aroma of pine trees & cookies around
a season for giving & love & hope abound

the air is full of new life’s sound
snow melting & unblanketing the ground
flowers in bloom, butterflies soar
birds sing, the day waits, so open the door
bright flashes of flowers by the artist’s brush
grasses grow towards the sun, green & lush
sitting in the sun, watching baby animals play
rejoicing in the beauty of each spring day

summer is here, you dance with sunflowers
sitting on the hillside into evening hours
hear crickets, taste watermelon in the sun
& you laugh & play & dance & run
running on the beach & finding seashells
if they could tell stories, what would they tell?
the luminous moon & twinkling stars
& I know in my heart that this freedom is ours

four seasons four seasons
four different colors
bring out the best in us
show us the warmth of family
the gift of giving
the new birth of change
& the freedom of happiness
four seasons four seasons
& as they change
we change too
& with each change, discovering beauty
that we never knew

Four Seasons is a collection of all four poetry books in the Four Seasons series, gathered into one book, with nine new poems added.

Publish Date : October 17, 2012
Paperback 184 Pages
Genre : Poetry

Kindle Edition

NEW: Winter (Four Seasons #2) by Ashlee Craft

Winter (Four Seasons #2) by Ashlee Craftby Ashlee Craft

The first snowflake of the season falls gently from the sky, bringing with it the warmth, magic, and joy of the season. When the aroma of pine trees and warm cookies fills the air, you know that the season of giving has returned. Cuddle up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a warm blanket as you enjoy this collection of twenty-five poems.

Publish Date : January 21, 2012
Paperback 56 pages
Genre : Poetry

Kindle Edition

NEW: Spring (Four Seasons #3) by Ashlee Craft

Spring (Four Season, #3) by Ashlee Craftby Ashlee Craft

The air is filled with the sweet aroma of fresh flowers and the sound of new life. The snow is melting, leaving behind puddles of cool water and making way for the joys of spring. Everywhere you look, bright patches of flowers sway in the breeze, seemingly placed there by the paintbrush of an artist. Embrace the new beginning of spring with this collection of 17 poems.

Publish Date : March 9, 2012
Paperback 42 Pages
Genre : Poetry

Kindle Edition

So Long, Lonesome Place by Ashlee Craft – New Release

So Long, Lonesome by Ashlee Craft Book Cover

by Ashlee Craft

So Long, Lonesome Place is a collection of 63 poems about leaving behind that which does not serve you, & the search for the place that you’ve been seeking.


it seems radical to me, all of this / & I’m so afraid I won’t be able to handle it (was any of it real anyways?) / but I do have to keep in mind, in all my moments of doubt & self-questioning, is how many countless others before me have done the same thing that I am doing now, & succeeded in doing so / how many others before me went off & forged their own pathways rather than following in the footsteps others had carved out before them & blindly listening to the instructions mumbled to them in poor faith / how many of them not only survived the falling out, but thrived because of it?

Publish Date : October 2, 2016
Paperback : 110 Pages
Genre : Poetry

Kindle Edition

Autumn (Four Seasons, #1) Now Available!

Autumn (Four Seasons, #1) by Ashlee Craft

by Ashlee Craft

In her free-form style of writing, Ashlee Craft’s second poetry book features poems that let you feel the beauty and coziness of autumn. Let your mind soar with the falling leaves, feel the thrill of the cool air against your skin, then sit down for a feast with the family with this collection of sixteen poems.

Publish Date : December 10, 2011
Paperback : 36 pages
Genre : Poetry

Kindle Edition